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Thursday, May 9, 2013

ISTE 2013 - Augmented Reality Game Post #3

Hung out with John Martin yesterday and he gave me some great feedback for the ISTE 2013 Technology Games!

John is from UW-Madison and part of the team that works with and created the ARIS app! I'm really excited about the changes I am making and what the final product will look like. Like most authors - my final project looks nothing like the 1st draft of the game.

In hindsight...I wish I would have documented the revision process to show my students. Oh well...I guess I know what to do next year!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

ISTE 2013 - Augmented Reality Game Post #2

Trying to figure out the waypoints...landmarks!

Got up early this morning to head to the Convention Center. There is a rather large parking structure that cost $11 for the day...right across the street from the center. Just an FYI - we parked at about 8am and the lot was full by 9:30.

Went in search of photos and learning the "lay of the land..." In order to create the Aris game for everyone, I will be dividing the game into QUESTS that teams can participate in.

I thought Henry B. Gonzalez should be a part of one of the QUESTS, as the convention center is named after him. I took a pic and then used iPhoto to make it black and white and "older..." Thought this might bring authenticity to the video clip I am planning on bringing into the game.

Lots of walking around to find the Map points and the images I would need. I then headed back to the convention center to play around with ARIS. Finding the convention center on the map was not too difficult; however, figuring out if I needed a character, plaque, or an object was a bit tricky.

Luckily my husband was a good sport, because I would create some of the programming pieces and then send him out to test and see if it showed up on his ARIS app. We spent a total of six hours gathering our resources and testing and trying the various ARIS programming options.

Headed back to hotel and will pick up again tomorrow!