Sunday, May 26, 2013

Exposing K5'ers to Computer Programming

Working on creating more projects aligned to CCSS in math! This one is for K.CC.1 and allows students to count along from 1-100!

Click on the 'See inside' button and show the K5'ers what programming looks like.

Once inside you can select the sun ...

Then click on the middle pannel and 'Costumes' and 'Clear.'

Look at the blue highlighted sun above and just above it is an icon of the character to the left of the paint brush. This will allow your class to pick their own character or object to stamp on the page!

You can also change the sound if you want. 

Just select the middle number (highlighted in blue) and click on the 'Sound' scripts and replace the drum with another sound.

The K5'ers will love customizing their counting game and begin their exposure to computer programming and Coding for ALL!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

ISTE 2013 - Augmented Reality Game Post #3

Hung out with John Martin yesterday and he gave me some great feedback for the ISTE 2013 Technology Games!

John is from UW-Madison and part of the team that works with and created the ARIS app! I'm really excited about the changes I am making and what the final product will look like. Like most authors - my final project looks nothing like the 1st draft of the game.

In hindsight...I wish I would have documented the revision process to show my students. Oh well...I guess I know what to do next year!

Scratch 2.0

I'm so excited...

but keep seeing this screen! I've been checking like every 1/2 hour or so! Have a web-based version will be a HUGE benefit to teachers everywhere! No more fighting with the IT guys and downloading the program onto the server!

Stay tuned to the blog as I continually update with more K-8 Coding challenges aligned to the CCSS in math!